Ente Nazionale per il Microcredito

The National Microcredit Agency is a body corporate, governed by public law, whose object is to pursue poverty eradication and combat social exclusion in Italy and, internationally, in the developing countries and transition economies. The National Microcredit Agency is vested with the functions of a national coordination body, tasked with promoting, steering, facilitating, appraising and monitoring the microfinance instruments and facilities promoted by the European Union, and microfinance operations implemented using European Union funding.


MFI Qredits – Microfinanciering Nederland

Qredits is a private foundation started on 1 January 2009 by a group of public and private partners.  It is the only nationally operating Microfinance Institution in The Netherlands. Its mission is to build a strong and independent entrepreneurship culture in the Netherlands by providing financing, mentoring and tools for micro-entrepreneurs that have a viable business plan, yet are unable to obtain credit facilities from conventional lending institutions


Centro di ricerca coopeazione con l’Eurasia il Mediterraneo e l’Africa Sub-Sahariana (CEMAS) Sapienza University of Rome

CEMAS is a University institution dedicated to plan and realize research activity. It is financed by external funds. These activities follows a multidisciplinary approach to valorize the scientific skills of teachers and researchers who participate in CEMAS programmes. CEMAS’s research programmes are dedicated to the most pressing issues that Europe and the world are facing, in particular on Migration Studies


IMF Oportunitas

Oportunitas is a microfinance institution located in Spain which provides microcredit, training and supports to non- banking individuals due to lack of real guarantees. Oportunitas is structured in two different legal entities that act jointly: Oportunitas Foundation, IMF Oportunitas S.L.


PerMicro - il microcredito in Italia

PerMicro is one of the most important microcredit companies in Italy and operates throughout the national territory with a clear mission of social inclusion.
PerMicro was born in 2007 in Turin thanks to the support of Oltre Venture and Fondazione Paideia, the two founding partners. Between 2008 and 2014 the social structure of PerMicro has been expanded: today assembles the interest of different subjects very but united by the principal objective of social inclusion and employment through microfinance.


ERIFO - Ente per la RIcerca e la FOrmazione

ERIFO is an italian agency which provides, as main activities, labour-connected services and superior and continuous learning accredited. Moreover, ERIFO has available operators enabled to the recognition of competences deriving from non-formal and informal learning and has the possibility to organize tailor-made courses with professional qualification and with a lower length than national standard, in presence of learning previously achieved on the working place.


Capital Venture Consulting

Capital Venture Consulting is an on-line platform helping young students to keep in touch each others to address working opportunities and information on micro-enterprise’s finance


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