Development and International Cooperation Science, two years
advanced degree Sapienza University of Rome. This interdisciplinary course aims to provide high
professionalism in the analysis of institutional and cultural factors in the management of developing
societies. The course, established by the Faculties of Political Sciences, Sociology, Communication,
and of Literature and Philosophy, offers interdisciplinary and operational tools for the analysis and
contexts of emerging countries and for the management of programs and projects for peace and
international cooperation development.

International Cooperation Finance and Development 1 st level master degree Unitelma Sapienza
University of Rome. The Master focuses on issues related to development and growth both in
developing and emerging countries as well as in the backward regions of developed countries. It is
designed to provide a broad education in international cooperation and economic development by
enabling students to acquire critical views that could help in the understanding public and private
policies within the international cooperation framework. It also provides specialized knowledges on
planning practices and project management. Master graduates will be prepared to manage
international cooperation and development projects in different sectors, consistently with their
training and experience, within a variety of organizations including International institutions, Public
Administration, NGOs, Private companies.

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