The Mission

The mission is devoting to spread the main outputs of the research project “Developing of a training model in the strengthening of microfinance in Uganda” supported and financed by the Italian Agency for the International Cooperation (AICS) of the Italian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and of the International Cooperation, Rome (Italy).

The interactive web-site allows users to get information on the all the questions analyzed in the past research as well to analyze the economic and social impact following the supply of the microfinance services on the Sub-Saharian African Countries as a whole by giving particular attention to microcredit.

Information and data are available to researchers and government officials interested to investigate the effects of microfinance services in their own country.

Other significant information on developing world are shown on the web-site categories, making users more friendly with the microfinance system. In particular, the users will be able to investigate questions concerning the contribution of the microfinance in alleviating poverty and in promoting human capital accumulation by giving strength to development models based on bottom-up measures.

Detailed informations on impact analysis and educational course are available in the dedicated web-site categories.

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