Who we are

The EFCB Laboratory want to support micro-enterprises finance.

The EFCB is part of the Unitelma Sapienza, University of Rome.

EFCB is an University laboratory aiming to help the development of micro-projects as well micro-enterprises in looking for financial support. It analyzes the dynamics of the real and financial economy, having as priority objectives the sustainable growth, the stimulus to private investments, the attraction of foreign investments, the promotion of financial inclusion and, more generally, the social and environmental impact of economic and financial policies.

Moreover, the ambition of the EFCB-Lab is to provide support to policy makers, business institutions and research centers involved into the dynamics of national and international financial markets. EFCB would be, then, a reference for young people and professionals interested in exploring the creation of micro-projects, the attraction of investments, the interaction between the real economy and finance, the promotion of financial and social inclusion.

Main activities of the EFCB Lab concern the following services:

  • production of reports, policy papers and research outputs

  • elaboration of main indicators & database

  • organization of on-line training courses for students and professionals in area of finance for enterprises and international cooperation

  • organization of events meetings & conferences

Our Team
Roberto Pasca Di Magliano

Professor of Growth Economics Sapienza University of Rome, Director EFCB Laboratory Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome

Federica Romano

Consultant for national and international project management

Gaia Orzi

PHD Student in “Political Studies – Theories of Socio-Cultural, Political and
International Cooperation Processes”

Andrea Ranelletti

PHD Doctor in Political Science,

Sapienza University

Giuliana Ferrera

Dr. in “Development and International Cooperation Science”,

Sapienza University

Scientific Committee:
Pier Paolo Abet

Managing director Universal Trust

Andrea Billi

Professor of Development economics Sapienza University of Rome

Mario La Torre

Professor of Economics and

Financial Intermediaries,

Sapienza University of Rome

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